The chapel of the Grand Hotel Villa Torretta

Inside the park of Grand Hotel Villa Torretta is the Oratory of Santa Margherita important example of chapel of the diocese of Milan, designed primarily as a private chapel in the days of Delia Spinola, to also take a contextual civil service.
The chapel, dedicated to St. Margaret, was rebuilt in 1607 on the site of an earlier religious building possibly of medieval origin always Countess Delia Spinola Anguissola.
Co-owners, as shown by an inscription of 1603 has since disappeared but transcribed in the acts of the pastoral visit of Federico Borromeo in 1621, were the Saints Dominic and Francis; the same inscription commemorating “comitissam Deliam Spinolam Anguisciolam” as founder.
The three titular Saints were depicted on three stained-glass windows (now disappeared): an element of wealth decorative unusual for an oratory, as in the descriptions contained in the minutes of the pastoral visits and vicarial seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is not uncommon to come across speakers, and sometimes even in parish churches, whose windows were closed by simple doors wood or canvas.
The elegant façade of the Oratory, of mannerist forms, contains, inside, frescoes depicting Saints, the Virgin and musician angels, whose paternity is uncertain.
Still consecrated, they are celebrated Sunday mass.