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The first hotel in Italy , in the wake of a trend throughout the Anglo-Saxon , to offer its customers the “Pet Suite Home ” © for dogs and cats!
A beautiful “cottage” where the faithful four-legged friend
will find comfort

Milan, October 2013_Veri and their companions in life , States ” for all purposes ” of our families, puppies to treat, pamper and spoil . Pets play an increasingly important role and it is always hard to get away from them when you have to travel for business or pleasure.

He made his debut at the Grand Hotel Villa Torretta di Sesto San Giovanni ( ), a beautiful seventeenth-century villa on the outskirts of Milan, the “Pet Suite Home ” © within the suite of the hotel. The intent is just what you want to give guests the opportunity to stay close to your dog or cat that will be welcomed into a modern , well-equipped suites. A unique and exclusive service that , for the first time in Italian , is inserted inside a hotel.

The spacious “Pet Suite Home ” © , available in mini -small ( 75x90x90 cm) or medium ( 130x120x190 cm ) depending on the size of the dog and cat , is offered in white and green Tiffany for the first while and white fuchsia for seconds and has everything you need – pet bed , cushions , bowls for food and water, scratching post , litter box inside a cabinet and litter box odor for the same , fake lawn mat for dogs – and the best comfort to be able to care for your pet at home.

On request available in 24h , additional services such as: Cat & Dog Sitter service, grooming service , Cat & Dog Mobile and Limousine ( for accompaniment / withdrawal animal to / from any destination) , in addition to service emergency vet! At the reception of the Grand Hotel Villa Torretta is present even the guestbook “Pet Suite Home ” © dedications of customers and suggestions.

The trend :
The trend of the humanization of pets, especially prevalent in countries such as the UK, Japan and the United States, is rapidly developing in Italy and it is an orientation that is able to influence the decisions and behavior of the owners. According to Euromonitor the pet industry is one of the few in Italy and throughout Europe , in contrast in these times of severe crisis . By Euromonitor International forecasts concerning 2014 it turns out that the United States leads the ranking of the top 10 markets by size, followed by Brazil and Japan. Italy is among the top ten ahead of countries like Canada and Australia, but preceded by the UK, France and Germany, where , despite the crisis, every year we spend more and more for their animals. Ranked Russia are also offering sought-after luxury hotel for dogs !
Do you use more leave your pet in foster care to family friends, but rather you choose to make them stay in special structures: the Cat or Dog Hotel or , even better, in a hotel with “Pet Suite Home ” © As Grand Hotel Villa Torretta, absolute forerunner of this initiative that allows ” furry friends ” to share time with their master in total freedom and autonomy even outside the home !